Greetings, in the Name of the Lord,

What a fantastic time we had at our “Back to Church” Worship and Fellowship Luncheon!
Thank you so much for those able to attend and celebrate.

Let’s be honest for a moment:
1) Our social skills ‘muscles’ are OUT of SHAPE.
Our extended time together, was both EXHILARATING, and EXHAUSTING… at least for ME.
The local church functions BEST, when we gather OFTEN, for “worshipping, teaching, ‘breaking bread,’ and praying together.” [Acts 2:42]. It felt great to get a great spiritual workout, and I look forward to our next opportunity to gather.

2) The COVID variables (whatever your opinion) have knocked the wind out of us.
Our historically popular habit of physically attending worship services every Sunday, participating in a class or small group, volunteering with a Sunday night or mid-week ministry, have become… well, too much to handle. We need to get our wind back, but that might happen later than sooner.

I wanted to share an article with all of you about the “way things ARE,” like it or not, as opposed to how we were used to having them.
The article is written by a Canadian pastor who corresponds with thousands of churches. Within this article, there are multiple additional links to other helpful articles, in understanding where we are as a North American culture, and how the Christian movement must shift it’s focus…
from worship, to engagement.

I’d love to hear any thoughts or ideas:

Your friend and Pastor,

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